Chkhorotsku Municipality


Municipality of  Chkhorotsku  is located in the  northwestern part of western Georgia.

The area is 619.7 Square meter. The territory of the municipality is hilly. 

The municipality covers an altitude of 200  square meters to 3000  square meters

from the level of the sea. There are 1 small town and 12 villages in the municipality.

The municipality is 317 km away from the capital of Georgia.  

Chkhorotsku is 37 km away from Senaki Airport.

Poti Seaport is located 80 kilometers from Chkhorotsku .

Zugdidi Railway Station is located 37 km from Chkhorotsku.


Chkhorotsku Municipality is interesting as a tourist location.  There are interesting and attractive locations for tourists. There are such interesting places here: Valley of Lugela, Church of St. George in Taia,  Cave Shurubumu in Mukhuri,  river “khobistkali”  and The village of Mukhuri is famous for  its local  bees.  In Akhuti  The hut of the Kukhalashivli (“kukhalaSvilebis oda” ), Which has held the status of a cultural heritage monument since 2006.

Administrative center: city Chkhorotsku

Area - 619.4 Square meter

Climate - humid-subtropical

City- 1

Distance to Tbilisi - 317km

Distance to Zugdidi - 27 km

Distance to the nearest port - Poti  80 km

Distance to nearest railway station - Senaki  37km

Nearest Airport - Senaki - 37 km

The population of the city of Tskhorotsku - 5200

Population in the village  -  27462

Total population (including IDPs) - 33,931

National composition of the population:

Georgian - 99.4%; Russian - 0.4%; Ukrainian - 0.1%; Abkhazian - 0.1%.